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Assess Your Digital Readiness

Assess Your Digital Readiness

Technology has changed the way we interact with customers. Today, they look online for information, tools and resources for everything from managing investments, to reducing a cable bill, to cooking tips. They also expect that companies are online, ready to connect and interact with them.

With rapid advancements in technology and the evolution of the insurance industry, it’s difficult to keep up with the amount of information surrounding digital, and to know what services to invest in and which ones will make an impact. The Intact Digital Studio was created to help brokers succeed in their existing digital journey and to help others take the first step toward the start of a new one.

The Digital Assessment, Built for Brokers

Assess your current digital activities and get a gauge on other activities you could be participating in for your brokerage.

Gauge what's working and what's not

See how you score against digital best-practices

Intact Studio’s Digital Library

Intact Studio’s digital library is a hub to leverage online resources, tip-sheets, templates and more.

A Library you can actually use

The library will continue to evolve with new and current material. We will notify you when items are added, but be sure to check back frequently!

Industry Leading Information

We all know the internet is the age of information, but there's also a lot of misinformation. We only source information from industry leading experts such as: Google, The Content Marketing Institute, and Forrester Research.

Digital Library

Additional Features

Quick Access

You can save your assessment at any point and come back to finish it later. Login in to view or complete your assessment.

Intact Studio Library

Learn, Leverage and share anything in our growing digital library.

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